Monday, May 6, 2013

My mind is drawn to the greats, whose lives continue to glorify the Great One.  Corrie Ten Boom lost her entire family during the holocaust for having the audacity to provide safe haven for both Jewish friends (she was Christian) and strangers.  She was especially close to her sister Betsie who died while they were together in the same concentration camp.  Did Almighty God say no to Corrie's prayers?  Or did He say yes to life for a far greater number of people?  Olive Flemming, Marilou McCully, Marjorie Saint and Barbara Youderian lost their husbands who were killed while trying to share the Good News of Jesus.  Did God say no to their prayers to bring their husbands safely home?  Even the most devout among Christians may have difficulty acknowledging that their request, much like the pleas of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, was answered in the affirmative.  Perhaps "no" is not the answer we hear from God Almighty.  Perhaps we are asking the wrong question altogether and when we get it right, we will get an affirmative everlasting answer.

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  1. In this present system of things, death is the enemy, but the Bible promises a time when there will be a reunion with dead loved ones right here on earth and they will live forever upon it. You might find the Scriptures at Isaiah 26:19 and Psalms 37:29 helpful.

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