Saturday, May 31, 2014


Surprise!  I'm back!  It has taken me longer to complete the A-Z challenge than I originally thought it would.  There are always reasons for things like this.  For example, I missed one day and then it became easier to miss more than one day.  Then I traveled and was really busy with work.  Then it had been so long since I logged in that I forgot my password for both the blogger and for the email address that is associated with this account.  Today, I somehow stumbled upon the way to retrieve my email account password which also allowed me to retrieve my blogger password.  Don't ask me how.  I couldn't repeat what I did if I tried.  I'm not a "techie" kind of person.  I was surprise to discover that I had already began a draft with another "S" entry.  We can live our lives and have one thing happen after another and another until one day  - - surprise!  We are caught wondering where did all the time go.  On your day of surprise, will you be pleased with how you lived your life?  Surprise may only be a breath away.

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