Saturday, August 30, 2014


I don't have to get things exactly right.  Take this A-Z challenge.  I certainly didn't finish it within 26 days.  Here it is over a year later (began April 1, 2013) and I am just now almost finished and still not quite.  Even with the title of this entry, I am writing the second letter being "x" and not the first.  Things don't have to be eXactly right.  In fact, seldom are they.

Seldom are things they way we consider right to be, but if we wait for "eXactly" we might be missing out on something really good.  If we wait for "eXactly" the right person, we may never be married.  If we wait for "eXactly" the right time, we may never have children.  If we wait for "eXactly" the right moment, we may never experience the fullness of joy.

This is not to say that we should not choose carefully when we marry, have children or wait for the right timing.  This is only to say that the precision of "eXactly" is perhaps more rare than common and more perfect than most aspects of life.  Even now, I am struggling to say "eXactly" what I wish to communicate but that doesn't prevent me from blogging.  Perhaps that is the whole purpose of this A-Z challenge - - that we should not worry so much about "eXactly" and just plunge forward.

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