Monday, June 9, 2014


Understand that I have a million responsibilities that I am learning to live with.  Yes, it is in living where emphasis should be placed because I can choose at any moment not to fulfill a responsibility or an obligation or a commitment.  I can choose at any moment to die, but instead I choose to live because life is worth living.

Understand that I don't always feel this way.  Understand that no matter how much I know in my head that God is using me for greatness, I am still sometimes betrayed by my heart when flooded with emotions that have greater context than they deserve.

Understand that I am not larger than life, but I am just me.  I struggle with little things that seem minute to others but seem extraordinarily big to me.  I am just a regular person, but there is nothing normal about me - - nor would I want there to be.

Understand that I am fighting with all my might.  Understand that I cannot look back.  Understand that I will never be the same again.  Understand that that this is what movement looks like.  Understand that this is what life looks like.  Understand.

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