Tuesday, July 8, 2014


When I was thinking about what to write, for the longest time, I wanted to write on victory - - what it's like to live victoriously, knowing that every battle I will ever wage has circumstances which are not yet known to me and outcomes in which my Lord is victorious.  This is what I originally wanted to write about.  I have experienced so many victories in which only my Lord can be glorified and I pray for many more victories I have yet to experience in which my Lord will be glorified yet again.  This is what it means to live a life of victory.  It's not about easy living.  It's about living for the glory of my Lord.

Then there is voice.  I have no gift of voice without my Lord.  I cannot speak, cannot even utter a sound, without the powerful breath of the Living Lord upon my being.  For it is in VOICE that He gives me VICTORY.  It is the precious gift of voice that His word and His power and His glory reign forever.  Lord Jesus, may my voice always be a resounding and majestic chord of your Holy Spirit.  May my voice be a blessing to you and your people.  May my voice be heard across the globe and when they hear my voice, may it be your voice that is heard.

Then there is validation.  May I not seek validation from anyone or anything other than my Lord.  May my victories and my voice never be tied to validation except the validation that is sought and found in You, my Lord.  The validation of the Victor and the validation of the Voice-Giver is all the validation I will ever need and may it be the only validation I will ever seek.

Finally, there is vain.  I hope my life is not in vain.  I hope that my battles are large enough and my life is large enough and my gift of voice is a surrendering to your agenda for my every breath.  It's not enough to give You gifts which cost me nothing.  It's not enough to live a life of ease and comfort and diluted culture that fails to recognize our life is in vain if we do not have VICTORY with You.  Lord Jesus, make me worthy of your calling on my life.  May every evil thwarted against me and my voice be in vain because I walk with You.  You are my Lord and my Friend.  I love You Jesus.  Amen.

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