Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was so excited today because I knew that tonight I would be writing about Divine.  What could be more, well, divine?  As I was driving home, I looked out at the sky which very closely resembled the color of this blog and it nearly took my breath away.  This stunning sky was evidence of Divine.  All of creation is evidence of Divine.  I am evidence of Divine.

My American Heritage Dictionary has some good definitions for the word divine.  Here is my paraphrased version.  Divine means 1) being or having the nature of a deity, 2) an expression from a deity, 3) supremely magnificent, 4) heavenly perfection, 5) to reveal or tell, 6) to know by inspiration, intuition or reflection and 7) to locate.  I think my favorite is "supremely magnificent" because "supremely" appropriately ranks Divine as Authority Above All and "magnificent" speaks to the caliber of the King.  So did tonight's sky.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Words cannot adequately capture the majesty of creation, let alone the majesty of Creator.  Yet tonight my task is to write about Divine.  What can I say that gives even a glimpse of Supreme Magnificence?

Divine causes my spirit to leap within me when it recognizes Divine.  Divine takes my breathe away and gives me breathe to live.  Divine causes acceleration and promotion with only raw materials.  Divine shields and protects me from evil.  Divine shares insight and wisdom and understanding with me.  Divine listens to me and hears me and upholds me with his righteous right hand.  Divine is merciful, never leaving nor forsaking me.  Divine is everything that ought to be always.



  1. I love your "I am evidence of Divine."! That's what I believe also. Beautiful post.

  2. I remember when this word was being so overused but we do forget to marvel in the Divine and thanks a post reminding me of it. Dropping by from the A-Z Challenge, Lucy fromLucy's Reality

  3. Just saying hi, nice post, happy A to Z.